[SCI-TECH] Typhoons and its Super Counterparts: What is the Difference?

by Russell Tuazon

Twenty typhoons in a year may seem such an insane concept, but for the Filipinos, this is reality. With the recent devastations to some parts of the Philippines caused by Typhoon Quinta (International Name: Molave), Super typhoon Rolly (International name: Goni), and Ulysses (Vamco), now more than ever, we need to learn about what we encounter so frequently: Typhoons and its Super counterparts, what is the difference?

(Un)welcomed Guests: Why is the Philippines so prone to typhoons?

According to the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC,) the reason for the frequent, and oftentimes, heavy storms is because of its geographic location. The Philippines is located along the typhoon belt in the Pacific which is why it is so often visited by typhoons of varying names. Most of these storms can damage. However, some have the ability to grow even stronger, causing not only damage, but devastation and even death in an event we call a “Super Typhoon.”

From 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan to this year’s Typhoon Goni, what makes a Super typhoon, Super?

Kaisha Langton of The Express UK states that speed is what develops your average typhoon into its Super version.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, a typhoon has wind speed ranging from 73 to 91 mph (64–79 kts), whereas a severe typhoon has winds of at least 92 mph or 80 kts. A super typhoon, however, reaches wind speeds of at least 150 mph (130 kts), destructive enough to uproot mature trees and peel off galvanized iron sheet roofs.

AFTER THE AFTERMATH: What to expect, what to avoid, what to prevent.

Unlike earthquakes, typhoons come with a warning which gives us enough time to prepare what we need to prepare before the impending disaster-maker.


The Philippine Red Cross (PRC), through their websites, have advised to stock up on food and clean water before a typhoon. Canned goods, bottled water, and prepackaged snacks are the most optimal food during a time where the opportunity to cook and prepare food is slim.


During a typhoon, the PRC emphasizes the importance of staying inside. The rough winds and heavy rain reduce visibility outside of the house and make it harder to watch out for deep puddles, falling debris, and other hazardous objects that have been carried by the wind.


Finally, it is encouraged by the PRC to immediately inspect your house as well as the vicinity for any damages. Toppled yard décor, damaged or exposed wires, and property destruction should never go unreported else run the risk of harming others. Checking for and emptying out stagnant water in house items such as spare tires, empty vases, and other possible water vessels is also highly encouraged by the PRC as this is the perfect habitat for mosquitos and other pests. Additionally, the PRC advises against wading through murky waters as these might carry diseases such as Leptospirosis, Cholera, and Hepatitis A.

Typhoons come and go at varying speeds and different strengths, but one thing is for sure: The Filipino’s ability to push through is stronger than the winds that push us back.


Russell Tuazon

In a perpetual state of restlessness, I always seem to have something going on.

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