[OPINION] Isko Moreno Dolts Off Leni Robredo with the statement “Fake leader with fake color is a fake character”

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3 min readNov 5, 2021

Written by Nicole Cabansag

In a media briefing on Friday, October 8, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno endorsed Vice President Leni Robredo, capping a week in which both of them filed presidential candidacies. Moreno’s rage appeared to be fueled by the hashtag #WithdrawIsko trending only hours after Robredo announced her presidential bid, as well as reports that his statements regarding Ferdinand Marcos influenced Robredo’s decision to run for president.

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We all have different views on the political aspect, different bets and opinions on the upcoming presidential election. However, this recent issue of the Manila mayor, Isko Moreno Domagoso’s statement sparks a big controversy among the media, supporters, and citizens of the country. “Copper, even when painted with gold, is still copper.” End quote. Indirectly referring to the Vice President of the Philippines running for the presidential position upon her change of political color from Yellow to Pink. The alleged assumptions of the analysts and media outlets have been pushing through that the reason for her running independently is the devastating loss from the Liberal Party. However, opinion-wise, I personally assume it has nothing to do with the recent passing of the ex-president of the Philippines. The current vice president of the Philippines has been working independently even in the current administration, with zero support from the other party. Moreover, Isko Moreno’s statements are absurd and have no valid evidence to prove his claims.

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Frankly speaking, it is without doubt that the sudden attack from the current mayor of the city of Manila has something to do with the shaking of people’s opinion. Some people say he only used the city and its people for his ambition for a higher rank. During the early years of his candidacy, he strongly declined people’s claim to have him run for the presidency. Saying, “Presidency is not for me. I’m more than glad to only be the Mayor for Manila City.” Non-verbatim statement from Isko. However, losing his legal advisor, Cesar Chavez has also, I personally believe, has something to do with his sudden change.


Why can’t he just stick to his words, provide more for the people of Manila, and file a withdrawal for his candidacy? Another claim for his harsh statement for Robredo, does he not feel any remorse when they clearly teamed up for medical missions and campaigns, and suddenly went for an indirect attack? Lastly, being neutral means siding with the oppressor. I have been nothing but a mere Filipino aiming for a better future for the country, where peacemakers and dreamers could live. Not a fan of any political bet, but I know who’s the best option for now. And I know that if we won’t make a change, who else will?


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