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Written by Francine Enciso

© by Liv Kylie Mamales and Joaqui Tumbokon | UST Angelicum Senior Student Government — Facebook Page

Last March 14th, the Supreme Senior Student Government (SSSG) virtually launched the 2022 Senior High School (SHS) Week 7 days after their first-semester final exams. Honoring the theme “Dauntless: Unleash The Hero Within”, learners showcased their astounding abilities through playing video games tournaments, cosplaying, performing spoken word poetry, and much more.

In her heartfelt opening remarks, Mrs. Maria Urduja Galang, the SHS department’s principal, stated that these activities were developed to “foster camaraderie and sportsmanship.” “One of the silver linings of the pandemic,” she added, “is that it allowed us to rethink and be creative.” Mrs. Galang acknowledged the strenuous preparation process the SHS students faced while balancing their academic responsibilities and encouraged them to unwind for the week.

3 teams which comprised of 3–4 sections were formed per level. SHS 1 were divided into Team Iron Man, Team Spider-man, and Team Captain America, whereas Team Superman, Team Batman, and Team Wonder Woman were the group names for SHS 2 learners.

© by Francine Marie Laya | UST Angelicum Senior Student Government — Facebook Page


The highly anticipated Esports Fest was conducted from March 14 to March 18, with matches beginning around 8 in the morning or 1 in the afternoon depending on the games. Every single player enthusiastically fought back against their equally fierce opponents in online chess (classical, rapid, blitz), Minecraft (Building Competition, Speedrun, Parkour), Valorant, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty Mobile, Roblox (Natural Disaster, Epic Minigames), and Nearpod.

The players gave all they had throughout the competitions to bring home the bacon. As declared by the Supreme Student Government via their official Facebook account, Team Wonder Woman’s effort paid off when they triumphed in the overall championship, Team Captain America placing second, and Team Iron Man placing third.


One male contestant and one female contestant from each team volunteered for the virtual Mr. & Ms. SHS 2022 pageant which took place last March 22 over Zoom. Mrs. Galang also introduced the pageant as an “opportunity [for the SHS students] to show their beauty, brains, and talents.” She noted that this was a friendly competition organized to inspire every learner, not only for the representatives who exemplify resilience and hard work.

The twelve contestants faced three categories (in chronological order): Media personality, Sports wear, Talent portion, and lastly the Question and Answer portion. For Mr. & Ms. Media Personality, the SSSG posted a photo of the participants wearing a costume inspired by their team’s assigned character to their Facebook page. The scores were determined by the amount of reactions on their photos from March 14 to 16 and overall impact.

Former beauty queen and model Lady Ruiz, ABS-CBN News Channel anchor Nicole De Guzman, and Ateneo de Manila University alumnus Colleen Chua were invited as judges. They were shown creative video presentations of the candidates confidently showing off their various outfits which kept the theme of their respective teams. The candidates thought outside the box and pushed boundaries for the talent portion. From song covers, diverse forms of performance art, to cooking, their one-of-a-kind capabilities shined through.

Once judges finished asking questions, the participants were to articulately yet concisely express their insightful answers in the final category. These timely, thematic questions were given on-the-spot in a synchronous video call. The list of winners are as follows:


Male candidate: Jacob Limpin (Team Batman)

Female candidate: Desedie Danao (Team Captain America)


Male candidate: Jacob Limpin (Team Batman)

Female candidate: Sianelle Protacio (Team Superman)


Male candidate: Rey Bolintiam Jr. (Team Iron Man)

Female candidate: Desedie Danao (Team Captain America)


Mr. SHS 2022: Art Quijano (Team Captain America)

Ms. SHS 2022: Princes Cauilan (Team Wonder Woman)

[1st Runner Up]

Male candidate: Jhastine Busran (Team Wonder Woman)

Female candidate: Desedie Danao (Team Captain America)

[2nd Runner Up]

Male candidate: Rey Bolintiam Jr. (Team Iron Man)

Female candidate: Cecilia Craw (Team Iron Man)

WATCH: Spoken Word Poetry | via UST Angelicum Senior Student Government — Facebook Page


One performer per team eloquently delivered a spoken word poem celebrating this year’s theme “Bayani Ako ng Makabagong Panahon”.

Students used their adversities to their advantage, transforming them into beautiful, compelling pieces written in Filipino. They were free to recite their own poem or that of another author and to enhance their video submissions by editing them. Through their art, they highlighted the underdogs of their everyday life who deserve to be called heroes, challenged social norms, and suggested ways the youth can contribute to community development.

The SSG announced the awards last March 19th:

FIRST PLACE: Ruel Angelo Gopez (Team Batman)

SECOND PLACE: Juleana Marie Mendoza (Team Iron Man)

THIRD PLACE: Michelle Berylle Santos (Team Superman)

WATCH: TikTok Transformation by Team Captain America’s representative, Marianne Nicole Arcilla | via UST Angelicum Senior Student Government — Facebook Page

TikTok Transformation

In ‘I am The Hero: TikTok Transformation’, one contender from each of the 6 teams combined their individual proficiencies in dancing and fashion by altering their appearance according to their team’s hero. Any sound was permitted, considering that it adheres to the theme, though learners could only use TikTok provided effects.

The entries garnered thousands of views, with their most viewed video by Marianne Arcilla reaching 1,284 views on the SSG’s TikTok account and Marie Anne Ocampo’s 3,900 views on Facebook.

After judging the contenders’ creativity, portrayal, personality, compliance to the rules, and delivery, the following results were released simultaneously with the spoken word poetry awards:

FIRST PLACE: Marianne Nicole Arcilla (Team Captain America)

SECOND PLACE: Marie Anne Ocampo (Team Wonder Woman)

THIRD PLACE: Marco Antonio Jaleke (Team Iron Man)


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