[LITERARY] Poem It Matters

USTAC Tigercubs
2 min readMar 8, 2022


Written by Trisha Reyes

Hear it singing.

Loud and clear about the world waiting,

That you can call as your own,

Not a home that is unknown.

There’s a million dreams in the eyes,

Shall not shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes,

Only let them be set at highs,

And go exactly where you want to rise.

There’s no clock may be held to speed them all,

But your passion and effort can answer the call.

Trust the golden process my friend,

It’s worth the wait in the end.

Begin unleashing the hidden beauty,

It’s not them but your own duty,

Judge and shout, indeed, is here.

So ease from shame if you rest your fear.

You are worth more than billions of stars,

You’ve fought silent raging wars,

So go out in that bars,

Your voice is enough to hear your scars.


Trisha Reyes

Nothing beats the quote, “We can do all things with a complete state of harmony of the body, mind, and spirit,”

which I, Trisha Reyes, agree with. Growing up, I was exposed to a healthy lifestyle; I am a varsity player who enjoys going to the gym, dancing, and singing. In my modeling career, I am proactive and never miss a workshop. I am proud to be a product of mixed culture and blood of Filipino-American-Chinese descent. During these quarantine series, I’ve been binge-watching Netflix shows. I find it fascinating to interact with because it provides a wide range of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, and documentaries. Aside from watching, I consider myself a bookworm who enjoys reading. I can spend an entire night reading; it has been my hobby since I was a child. Because of my love of reading and writing, I became a member of my school’s journalist team. Writing and reading are my escape and companion when things become too difficult to bear; it is where I express myself. When I think of myself, and as a writer, I imagine myself as a Molave Tree, which is sturdy and maintains its position even when numerous typhoons or high winds pass through me; a tree that stands straight learns and grows as its branches do.

In the same way, a tree provides shade and protection to the people and creatures who live in its immediate vicinity. I plant roots in my words and impart wisdom to my local community. Finally, Tigercubs represent a place to call home, a source of hope, and a vision for the future that I hope to realize.




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