[SHORT STORY] Invisible War

Written by Trisha Reyes

© Illustration by Lourdes Dupaya — Tigercubs Cartoonist

The breath of sweet nature played at her heavy bag slung over her shoulder. Andrea Descrinor — slim, obsidian-middle-haired — trudged along the pitted sidewalk at 6:30 this morning, on her way to her school to pass her modules. She strolled, enjoying the heat, feet firmly planted on the ground as she looked up at a defiant sky. The cloud dappled the blue horizon.

“How long will it be like this?” she uttered, looking gloomy at the sky as if it could hear her.

Andrea was caught in a strange back-and-forth cycle. Every week, she has to go through the same process. Many activities and lessons that didn’t deliver the same new knowledge as the traditional way of learning were always knocking on her door. It was tiring and draining. She missed the old world, but she knew she didn’t have a choice but to accept the reality they were all facing today.

“Lord, I just need one reason to continue right now.”

The wind howled as she continued walking, hustling and bustling down the road. Andrea suddenly stopped when her phone made a kind of vibration that traveled through her body. She picked it inside her bag and saw what had just popped on the news.

“Limited face-to-face classes… Wait — what?” Her eyes widened. “There will be face to face?!”

She didn’t know where the feeling was coming from. Every emotion was fleeting. Happiness was in the moment. She didn’t even know how to react seeing the news, but the smile instantly disappeared when she realized something.

“This is too risky. Yes, students have the right to learn and study, but in the event of a pandemic, health must come first. I think it is better not to have face-to-face classes until everyone is immunized, and following the government’s standards is mandatory,” she mumbled and held her bag firmly. “Pandemic will be over… soon….” She smiled and continued walking.

Everyone is in the challenge of today’s learning and teaching. It might be hard on her, but she knew it was even hard for others. Module or education is not thousands of words, cries, or pains, but a thousand hearts who carry more dreams than the night sky has stars.


Trisha Reyes

Nothing beats the quote, “We can do all things with a complete state of harmony of the body, mind, and spirit,” which I, Trisha Reyes, agree with.

Growing up, I was exposed to a healthy lifestyle; I am a varsity player who enjoys going to the gym, dancing, and singing. In my modeling career, I am proactive and never miss a workshop. I am proud to be a product of mixed culture and blood of Filipino-American-Chinese descent. During these quarantine series, I’ve been binge-watching Netflix shows. I find it fascinating to interact with because it provides a wide range of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, and documentaries. Aside from watching, I consider myself a bookworm who enjoys reading. I can spend an entire night reading; it has been my hobby since I was a child. Because of my love of reading and writing, I became a member of my school’s journalist team. Writing and reading are my escape and companion when things become too difficult to bear; it is where I express myself. When I think of myself, and as a writer, I imagine myself as a Molave Tree, which is sturdy and maintains its position even when numerous typhoons or high winds pass through me; a tree that stands straight learns and grows as its branches do.

In the same way, a tree provides shade and protection to the people and creatures who live in its immediate vicinity. I plant roots in my words and impart wisdom to my local community. Finally, Tigercubs represent a place to call home, a source of hope, and a vision for the future that I hope to realize.




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