[LITERARY] Hindered Voice

Written by Sofia Tan

My voice may not sound like the one you would trust.

Perhaps it sounds too small for you to even give it a chance.

This may be the reason why everything feels unjust.

If only you would heed and take a little glance.

What I am saying may not suit you.

But do you have any clue?

How I’m being repressed of the things I should be getting.

Why are we starting again from the beginning?

If you thought I have no hint.

Most of my books already gave a glint.

Of what I should be expecting.

Of what you were protecting.

I may seem small to you.

Maybe I wasn’t even in your view.

But I am not writing this for you.

Instead, only to those who knew.

To those who wanted to know.

To the one who wants to show.

To everyone, but my foe.

I would always go.

I am not backing down on this fight.

For I know my every right.

I won’t wait ‘till I shine so bright.

Instead, I’ll start to ignite.

The light that I’ve always known.

The one from where I’ve grown.

I know that I’m not alone.

I am not on my own.

The difference I could make.

All the words I would take.

I’ll speak until my voice will break.

But we promise we won’t create the same mistake.


Sofia Tan

My vagabond mind always gives me letters to write.

Hi! I am Sofia Irish Tan and a Literary Writer of UST Angelicum’s Tigercubs. I like writing that’s for one. My friends describe me as a talkative and reliable friend. I am an assiduous, forbearing, and easy to approach type of person. I also like sleeping.

Reading keeps my mind sane and contented. Writing keeps me sensible and free. I have been writing ever since I can remember. I find comfort and liberty in letters. I was able to find and enhance my latent abilities and vocabulary via writing. Through several letters, it assisted me in expressing my hidden sentiments and cloudy thinking. As you may have observed, I frequently refer to my love of poetry as letters, because letters for me were the ones who gave color to the black and white world of my puzzled thoughts.

Writing sparked something within of me that I had no idea existed; it became not just a way for me to express myself, but also a way for me to improve and broaden my viewpoint. Writing, in my opinion, entails not just writing but also listening.




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