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Written by Louiela Mataac

“Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass.” — Psalm 37:5

Never did it crossed my mind that I would soon be the editor-in-chief of UST Angelicum College Tigercubs.

Who would’ve thought that an average student would be appointed to a high position of a prestigious club? I bet no one, as this is just my so-called “preconception”, on how I view my personality and individuality — to judge myself too soon without even looking at a brighter point of view, without even trying and taking the risk. Yet, I came up with this motto in life that goes “A missed opportunity is not an option, but an unfulfilled potential is a waste”. Perhaps, this simple motto of mine is what motivated me to step up in life and bravely take the opportunities set on my table.

Back in Junior High School, I remember myself observing a bulletin board with the list of members of an official editorial club. There were associate editors, managing editors, different categories of writers, and the editor-in-chief at the very top. I thought to myself, it must be nice to lead a club, pursue, hone, and continuously work with your passion.

However, at the last year of my Senior High School, I was offered an overwhelming but gratifying opportunity. As I received the message from the Tigercub’s previous Editor-in-chief, the first thing I thought was “Am I even fit for this position?”, “Would I be able to embody a sense of leadership and responsibility?” these kinds of thoughts lingered in my mind. I doubted myself when I haven’t even started yet — for it was such an unfamiliar path, unexpected, and I knew that it was out of my scope. Still, how bad could it be for me to take chances? Certainly, there was excitement and joyfulness, but there was also a feeling of anxiousness about whether I could fulfill the duties and roles of this position. As we dive in deeper, bear with me for this editorial message would be quite a long read.

“I’d rather regret the things that didn’t work out than the chances I didn’t take at all.” — Simone Biles

The moment I heard that there is an existing editorial club in USTAC, it seemed like it enlivened a sleeping passion inside me. Even overjoyed when I was appointed as the Opinions Section Editor in my first year at Tigercubs. Indeed, it was a good start. Looking back things have happened so fast, it may not seem too long ago; everything still felt like it happened in a glimpse of yesterday — the feeling is still fresh and surreal. But now, I am writing my last editorial message.

Undoubtedly, Tigecubs was my door to a lot of good life opportunities. I discovered more about myself, especially the things I didn’t know I was even capable of doing, and most importantly this club honed me to be a better version of myself. This statement may come off as cliche, but this club is a game-changer for me — my life changer. As I am leading this club, I felt that everything is going to the right place; that in my 17 years of existence I finally seem to be taking the right path in my life. That I’ve entered a new door without looking back, stepped into a new path of life without regrets, and took the chance to learn more about myself. Hence, it is with certainty that I can continue forward to pursue my God-given passion with commitment.

“If you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done.” — Jen Sincero

Accordingly, it is beyond my gratefulness to be granted for this position even for the shortest amount of time. On the 15th of October 2021, I remember we held our very first meeting together with the new appointed members, me being anxious as usual; but a sense of fulfillment and connection surmounted all of my emotions the moment I saw our members. Which is why I take this opportunity to sincerely thank our highly-skilled writers; from Features, Opinions, News, Sci-fi, Sports and Literary, and our very talented cartoonists for putting their commitment and implying hard work in every way possible. Especially, Mr. Merboy Pangilinan, our club moderator, who has particularly put his trust in me and tirelessly guided me all throughout. These people have been and will always be a huge part of my journey. Having the chance to lead this club with talented creatives is something I ought to treasure, and keep in the memories and milestones I was able to accomplish with them.

© Lourdes Grace Dupaya — Tigercubs Cartoonist
Tigercubs First Official Meeting [A.Y. 2021–2022]

Indeed, society today is in need of more morally upright young writers, those who know what their stand is all about and stick with their principles. Especially where fake news has become prevalent and vague issues are increasing. Whereas, Tigercubs is the embodiment of being virtuous, for this club curate writers to be the vanguard of truth — without being hesitant to write for the public, to be the voice of the young generation, and foster their talent to every extent possible.

In light of this, it is with rewarding pleasure and a blessing to be part of UST Angelicum Tigercubs’ honor and legacy. As it honed me into a better version of myself, both as a writer and an individual of this society—that with every step I took from this experience and the learnings I’ve acquired will be forever marked until my very last sentence. A simple reminder to those people who are doubting themselves or even unsure of their own capabilities — our life is like a gamble, it's either we lose it all or have it all, so take the dare even in the most doubtful chances. Either way, what choice it may be, along our journey there will always be a success that awaits us ’til the end.

With every article that this club continues to publish shall remain a symbol of truth and dignity, and every word we compose must signify rectitude and integrity. May the next members of Tigercubs continue to build a community of writers and creatives that aims to unleash their passion within — with ethicality, high standards, and purity.

Soar High, Thomasian-Angelicans!


Louiela Mataac

A writer who’s somewhat grammatically conscious but the mind is constantly full of words that are always finding a way to be expressed.

Hi! I am Ma. Louiela Angela A. Mataac, the Editor-in-Chief of UST Angelicum College Tigercubs 2021–2022. A sudden opportunity has been placed upon my hands, an opportunity I accepted sincerely. Through writing, I was able to discover my hidden skills, and develop my talent in poetry. It’s as if writing was a hidden treasure for me that was long-awaited to be found by its owner. Writing became my comfort, a way for me to express my unspoken thoughts and concealed feelings through colorful words.

It is a cliche but I am fond of reading, I like to think broadly and explore different things that would feed my curiosity. As a writer I mostly believe that it is important to listen in order to be heard, that is why I aim to be an instrument for people to emphasize their voice and opinions without misleading the readers.

This club, UST Angelicum College Tigercubs has brought out the best in me to be a proficient writer. Because of that, my goal is to also unleash the best of the writers and express their thoughts truthfully without hesitation.




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